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Bootsy’s signal modelling.

Bootsy (H. L. Goldberg)

ผลิต plugins แจ๋วๆมาให้เล่นกันฟรีๆ เป็น VST สำหรับชาววินทุกคน

Density (VST)

smooth and versatile dynamics processing effect plug-in


– zero latency processing.
– natural, smooth and unobtrusive coherent compression.
– modelled transformer circuit.
– modern and program dependend release curve.
– seemless MS compression and blending.
– phase consistent internal mixing.
– special ‘phat’ mode for reduced compression artifacts.
– sidechain filtering.
– completely SSE optimized.

feature พวกนี้ผมไม่เข้าใจทั้งหมด แต่ที่คิดว่ามันเข้าท่าคือบรรทัดที่ 3 กับ 7 อธิบายยากมากแต่ใช้ดีมากๆ


Rescue (VST)

an analog style modelled signal designer, introducing spatial imaging as well as sonic resolution improvements to program material. It features simple yet powerful solo signal alteration: transient shaping, imaging and depth balancing.

– Minimum latency processing.
– Low cpu usage.
– Stereo widening preserves mono compatibility.
– Inherent mid/side processing.
– Gain and limit operates on per channel base.
– Switchable signal colouration.
– Dynamic noise model.
– State of the art signal processing and modelling algorithms implemented.
– Plugin integration is done with Synthmaker software.
– Performance crucial parts are written in assembler.
– ‘ANALOG’ section is SSE optimized (the m/s section can’t).


TesslaSE (VST)

models pleasant sounding electric effects coming from transformer coupled tube circuits in a digital controlled fashion.


– Transformer style signal saturation.
– Smooth transient polishing and increased RMS leveling.
– Subtle analog style signal colouration.
– witchable sub bass enhancements.
– Zero latency processing, low CPU usage.
– Harmonic


RescueAE (VST)

เป็นตัวที่นำ Rescue มาออกแบบวงจรใหม่ และใส่ความสามารถ 4x oversampling เข้าไปด้วย ในโอกาศฉลองครบปีในการออก plugins ของเขา
RescueAE, featuring a slightly different signal path, some internal rework, 4x oversampling and a brand new output limiter circuit.


“Nasty” signal coloring fx series (VST)

NastyLF, a specific and tuned combination of lowend EQ and output stage.
The low frequency EQ in classic boost/cut design offers both: broad ‘oldschool’ as well as rather narrow ‘modern’ curves (switchable) altogether with a variation of that special sounding curve designs when using boost and cut in combination. A new developed output stage offers tasty lowend saturation which can virtually be driven up to 24dB with internal automatic gain compensation.

NastyHF, a specific and tuned combination of highend EQ (peak and shelve) and oversampled output stage.
The high frequency EQ offers both: broad ‘old school’ as well as rather narrow ‘modern’ curves (switchable). HF peaking is applied on fixed frequencies and the 10kHz filter performs as a shelve. Both designs feature special musical sounding curves. A new developed and oversampled output stage offers fancy and almost artefact free HF saturation prominently featuring K2 and K3 harmonics with attenuated higher harmonics.

NASTYtableTop, a low-mid frequency booster which increases perception in this frequency range by saturation.
In subtle amounts this is perceived as a kind of ‘phatness’ while in extreme settings this is going to be perceived as ‘muddy’ and/or ‘distorted’.

NastyVSD – virtual summing device

NastyVSD is a kind of “summing device” effects simulator and features some of the effects which can appear while going outboard (out of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)) and receiving a analog summed stereo mix back into the DAW. When doing this, “safety limiting” or even AD clipping is performed, so this is included in this simulation as well. When driven hard (aka abused), this could be used for maximising purposes as well.

NastyCS – character channelstrip

NastyCS features the very best “nasty” things coming from this Plug-In series and additionally two mid frequency EQ’s originally developed for the BootEQ Plug-In as well as high- and low-pass filtering.



BootEQ features

– Four independent bands plus additional highpass filter.
– Special selected and musical sounding EQ curves and phase responses.
– Capable of reproducing several ‘classic’ curves.
– Well adjusted auto Q and versatile overlapping frequency ranges.
– Minimized curve warping at Nyquist frequency.
– Stepless selectable frequencies in low mid and high mid band.
– Adjustable HF shape.
– Level metering and output volume trim.
– Zero latency processing, low CPU usage, completely SSE optimized.

Note: Version 1.1 still only supports 44.1kHz samplerate at the moment.



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